Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The Secret of Successfully Freezing Foods Easily and Safely

Freezing foods is the process of inactivating harmful micro organisms in our food through a 100 degree Celsius temperature in our freezers. Freezing is a safe and convenient way of preserving foods because even though it is frozen, the food maintains its flavour and nutrients. Prepared foods, fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fishes and pastries can undergo freezing. The foods that cannot be freeze are the food in cans and eggs in shells. There are also foods that don't freeze well such as gravies, cheese, spices, gelatines, puddings and custards.

In freezing foods, there are certain preparations on foods needed before you freeze them. Before freezing vegetables, they must be blanched first to prevent discoloration and to maintain its flavour. In fruits, it must undergo dipping before freezing. Dipping is the process of putting syrup, sugar water or juice on fruits before packing. Meats are best to freeze in supermarket wrapping just the way you bought it. Fishes must be gutted and clean before freezing. Pastries must be placed in sealed bags.

There are certain guidelines and tips in freezing foods like always selecting the foods in their best quality; it really affects foods even though it is preserved if it's not fresh. Use vacuum seal bags or airtight bags for freezing foods. It is important to divide in small portion the foods to be freeze for easy thawing. Never overload your freezers. Defrost frozen foods in refrigerator or in running cold water. Never put hot foods in freezers, let them cool first before freezing. Always remember to cook food immediately once it has defrosted before microbes activates. Label all bags before freezing to know necessary details to identify which comes out first.

Freezing foods is really easy to do especially if you know all the basics and guidelines in freezing. This method in preserving food is really a good idea of preserving food. There no such truth that when food is frozen all nutrients disappear. But as you learn it here in this article, it is much preserved and is really safe for us. Following all these tips and guidelines will always provide you quality foods in your home. It gives convenience to us and makes life easier.

Victoria Stewart is a home canning and preserving food expert.

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