Saturday, 7 May 2011

Is Your Freezer Big Enough?

When I first heard about Once a Month Cooking with Freezer Recipes, I had a mixed bag of feelings. I was excited, intrigued, intimidated, relieved, but above all, I was curious. I was not sure if all the food I cook would fit in my tiny freezer which already throws things out at me every time I opened it. Is your freezer big enough?

The thing about freezer recipes is that you have to see what others don't see to be doing something so smart. That's what brings me to the point that if you are smart, you can find a way to fit everything your freezer recipes in your little freezer.

Here are a few clever techniques you can use:

1. Store is freezer bags not containers. The containers take up too much space. You can also reuse the freezer bags if you put each dish in a Ziploc bag before you put it in the freezer bag. You may be able to store more than one freezer recipe in one bag.

2. Lay the bags down in your freezer instead of standing them up. Once the contents are frozen, stand the bags up. It will be easier to access the food if it is standing up like a row of books rather than if you have to dig it out.

3. You might have some recipes that need to be frozen in the pan you cooked them in. Well, here is what you can do. Freeze those items in the pan and when they freeze, take them out and put them in a bag. Line your original pan with aluminum foil to make it easier to transfer to the bag.

4. Use aluminum foil whenever you can. Some freezer recipes like pizza can easily be wrapped up to give you some more space in your freezer.

5. Only buy what you need. Remember you will not be cooking for a while once you cook in bulk with freezer recipes. So limit your shopping of freezer items to only those things you will cook on your cooking day and things you need everyday like Popsicles for kids, ice-cream that you will eat etc.

These are just a few tips that you can use to maximize your freezer real estate for your Freezer Recipes. There are more clever tips and ideas you can use in 'Frugal Mom's Guide to Once a Month Cooking'. Visit to check it out.

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